Solar Ownership

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Chris Foley Pilsner.  I work at Sungage, and I am an editor and contributor at

So what is this blog all about?  Well, I’m hoping the title of this blog is intuitive enough.  We’re going to be writing about solar and we’re going to be writing about wealth.  But before I get into why we named this blog, you may be asking, “does the world really need another blog?”  Smart question.  At the time that I’m writing this blog post, there are over 9,900 “Green” blogs according to Technorati.  That is a lot of blogs. Image

There are so many great online resources that are helping to promote solar and make it a part of the mainstream conversation.  In fact a list of some other “Green” blogs we follow is included at the right on this page.  As much as I religiously follow several of these blogs, no one is focusing on the how’s, what’s, and why’s of solar ownership.  We also checked business, technology and living categories and came up empty.  Based upon Sara’s experience as a consumer of solar, and the experiences of many other homeowners I’ve spoken to, there is a dearth of resources to support people who are interested in solar ownership.   This is critical because solar is new.  It’s not as easy as going down to the corner store and asking “how are those solar panels working out for you?”

Wait, I thought this blog was about Solar Wealth?  Well, it is.  At Sungage, we think about residential solar as great investment opportunity.  We help our customers understand this unique investment.

We will be inviting members of the solar and financial communities to discuss ownership.  Readers of can expect to hear perspectives from other homeowners, installers, policy makers, as well as experts in economics and finance.  We plan to cover a range of topics to help educate, inform and support.

Full disclosure: Although I am the VP of Marketing at Sungage, this is not a blog about Sungage.  We will share information about our customers and installer partners when appropriate, but we will not be promoting our products and services in this space.  Sungage offers services to help people decide if ownership is the right financial decision for them, but we acknowledge that there are different paths to solar ownership.

We want readers of to feel educated and more familiar with owning solar.  Please use the comments section to weigh in and connect with others. We are always open to suggestions on specific topics or ways that we can improve the experience.

Here’s to learning about solar ownership together.


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